Must get to bed

I’ve been reading and researching all day to make this blog venture all that I want, and now the barebones are up but I couldn’t leave the front page blank. This will likely be removed/altered tomorrow.  I have so much material to draw from and so many things I want to write about that just organizing and prioritizing and deciding on the REAL first post is daunting. Wish me luck. Good night.


3 responses to “Must get to bed

  1. Good luck :-) Can’t wait to see what you come up with :-)

  2. Good Luck! The first post is always the hardest. But once it’s up…..!

    The key is to just jump in and keep going – it’s always overwhelming because there is always stuff to write about. But somehow it all falls into place and works.

    And the joy of blogs – if something doesn’t work or needs to be tweaked – you can do make changes at any point until you get it just how you want it.

  3. Hello Ariana – I’m a British author and a fellow member of Bookblogs, and I wanted to invite you (and your readers) to participate in my Blogsplash – there’s more information at Thanks for listening!

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